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Child Care and Taming the Tantrum


TantrumAs a parent or child care professional the best thing you can do aboutĀ tantrumsĀ is to prevent them from happening. They can be an incredible time-waster, emotionally draining and, if they happen in public places, embarrassing, too.

I've met parents who think that the way to deal with tantrums is out-shout their child, get furious, maybe administer a slap or two. It rarely works, and the resulting scene creates a space where nobody wants to be, except perhaps for pathologically angry people out there who enjoy confrontation.

Then there are the parents who take the opposite approach, even when a melt-down is inevitable, they carry on with whatever it was they were doing, allow the tantrum to happen and eventually blow over. Tantrums are an inevitable part of a child going through the "terrible twos" and whatever it is that the "threes" are called, but you can prevent most of them from happening once you learn the warning signs.

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