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Finally, courtesy of Mohsin Zunzunia, the ace lead developer at ThemeBound, the new version of Find a Nanny has been launched. As admins, we are much happier with how it works compared to the old site. For you, the nannies, babysitters, transfer maids and families out there it should be much easier for you to use as well.

And at last, the most frequently requested feature, the ability to edit your own ads, is here. Also now you can post multiple ads. In theory there is no limit to how many ads you can post, but we do ask that you don't paste them consecutively, and please do not use identical wording in each ad.

We've been really surprised at just how busy the Find a Nanny website has become in a relatively short amount of time. The other amazing thing is how many of you are repeat visitors. Almost 55% of you have made multiple visits. That's an extremely high number compared to industry standards, and although we are proud of it, it does suggest perhaps, that we are not doing enough to attract new visitors. We will be getting into that task soon.

We still have to make some last-minute adjustments to the forum before we can start it again. Unfortunately all the postings which were made on the previous forum could not be uploaded to the new one, but that's OK, the new nanny and family forum will be much better and have many more features, and we do look forward to building a vibrant community.

I spent most of my Sunday today rebuilding the page for Colouring-in sheets. I was motivated by the memory of  the frantic search I used to do from time-to-time when my daughter would suddenly want to do some colouring in. After you've used up the freebies given out by kid-friendly restaurants, airlines and powdered milk companies, you have to dig around in the backwaters of a Google search to find some good ones. Well I think we've assembled some pretty good ones for you and put them right here.

Probably more important is the Emergency Information page. Singapore's emergency numbers are here, and some really helpful videos which can help you in an emergency. Please watch some of them as soon as you can. You don't want to be sitting through them when a real emergency is unfolding. The videos are not really a substitute for a professional course in infant and child first aid, but if you watch them several times over and give yourself "refresher viewings" every few months, they will be almost as effective.

We have big plans for the site, we feel that there is so much more that we can do, but the main guiding light, the insistent, persistent and overwhelming motivation for us is to make sure that our kids get the best in child care that can be provided. We are all busy, too busy really, but if Find a Nanny can help families and nannies match up, then we are on the way to meeting our goals.