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The Qualities You will Need to be a Nanny

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Where's my Nanny?

Where's my Nanny?

Surprisingly to most people, a nanny’s job is a particularly demanding one. If a person is attracted to nannying as a career because of the notion that it principally consists of humming lullabies to babies to send them off to dreamland, then they will be disillusioned when the reality sets in. Not everyone can be a nanny. It is physically and emotionally demanding, and as we are responsible for young lives, mistakes simply must not happen. Babies learning to crawl can tumble down steps, toddles can reach for and grasp a cup of hot coffee.

A nanny must not only see to, and provide physical care, but also set a good example for the developing children she is responsible for. Kids view the adults in their lives as the most important role models, and even when it seems they are lost in their own world, they are still quietly observing the adults around them and learning behaviour from them. That's everything from table manners to speech patterns to interaction with others.

A family who is looking for a nanny will have a list of the most important qualities that they expect her to have. New parents, even those who a familiar with hiring and firing in the corporate world, may have difficulties when thinking about the attributes they need in a nanny. A nanny should have intelligence, personal integrity, common sense and a cheerful positive attitude. Below are some more attributes which you may consider:

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About Being a Nanny

Working with children can be the most fulfilling and rewarding experience of your life. Although many people don't understand just how much emotional satisfaction can be gained from being a nanny, most good nannies are well-aware of it.

Raising children is a long term commitment from which you may not see the results in the short term, but it is life altering - for both the nanny and the child. A competent, effective nanny can have a profound and positive effect on the lives of the children she cares for. She will nurture them, and love them unconditionally. It is the exceptional nanny who realises just how important her role is in the lives of others and the importance of her job.

Occasionally a nanny will go through a crisis with the families they work for, and stick with them throughout. One often hears about a nanny who has been employed by the same family for many years, looking after consecutive of siblings from birth to late childhood. Of course, not all days are diamonds, but obviously she will share a commonality of purpose with the family which results in such successful partnerships.

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