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Child Safety for Parents and Child Care Professionals

Exploring is Part of Growing Up
Exploring is Part of Growing Up

Exploring is Part of Growing Up

Obviously the safety of the children in your care is your top priority. Parents, nannies, babysitters, and indeed anyone who has been entrusted with a child’s welfare should be keenly aware of the potential dangers in the environment. Here are some guidelines to help you ensure that your home or child care facility, is safe and child friendly.

Different studies from different countries consistently show that the kitchen is the number one area where children can be injured. It is wise when preparing meals or cleaning up after a meal to keep children out of the kitchen.

Although a kitchen seems to be a magnet for children, it is actually fairly easy to train even toddlers that they cannot go into the kitchen when food is being prepared. If you place this rule in effect early, your children will learn that this area is not for play. To prevent injury, follow these steps:

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