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Some Suggestions for Hiring a Nanny Pt. II

| Opinion | 06/11/2012

Continued on from the previous blog entry...

Do expect some temper flare-ups occasionally. A typical day in the life of a nanny normally has very little drama associated with it, but disagreements can sometimes happen with a parent. Sometimes this will result in the end of the employment agreement, but often it will just serve to put things into balance again and clear up any misunderstandings.

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Some Suggestions for Hiring a Nanny Pt. I

| Opinion | 03/11/2012

Hiring a Nanny

A Quick List of Do's and Dont's

  • Don't get upset if your child calls the nanny "mummy". This happens sometimes, but to the child it is just a way of expressing affection. A good nanny will correct the child and expand on the subject of mother, talking about, perhaps when she is due to come home, or picking up the mobile phone and giving her a call.
  • Don't install a nanny cam. It is better to approach your nanny and voice out any concerns you may have than  it is to hide a nanny cam in the house. If the nanny's response is unsatisfactory, then she is not the right person to be your nanny anyway. If the idea of installing a nanny cam is appealing to you, you should bring the topic up during the interview. Many nannies don't mind the idea as it is also a way for them to demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to the career.

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