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Overseas and Local Maids, Nannies and Caregivers

Live-in Help, nannies, and Maids

Improve Maids Work Conditions

The headline you see to the left is from today's Straits Times and I couldn't agree more with it.

A maid, or foreign domestic worker's life here can be tough. Apart from the low wages and occasional shabby treatment from some employers, it is not easy to leave your own family, and then live cheek by jowl with another family which has completely different cultural values. Our maids work long hours and have very little time to themselves, or to spend socialising with friends.

Our household has employed a number of maids over the years and I really think there has to be a better way to solve the problem of getting nanny care, domestic chores, baby sitting and elder care than importing young girls, under-paying them, over-working them and under-appreciating them.

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