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Some Thoughts on Why Hiring a Babysitter may be a Better Option than Daycare


babysitterDaycare centers are a popular option for working parents. They provide a very necessary service within the framework of a registered company, but you will need to decide what is best for the child as well as taking into consideration affordability and convenience.

Hiring a baby sitter may have a number of advantages over sending your child to childcare, depending on your particular situation.

A baby or young child will naturally feel more comfortable in her own home. She can take naps in her own bed, cuddling her favourite teddy bear, while staring at familiar things in her room.

There will be a much better child-to-carer ratio with a babysitter, even if she is looking after several children at once, your child will get more individual attention than at a childcare centre where one carer might be looking from between 15 to 25 children. Your babysitter can read your child her favourite books, prepare food she likes, play the games she loves. Often a healthy and loving bond can form between child and baby sitter, such a bond is unlikely in a childcare centre.

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