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After School Child Care and Homework

| child care | 29/11/2012

Homework Calendar

This is our homework schedule for today. Note Dear Daughter has corrected my grammar (green) and expects me to write out each correction three times! (notice I ignored my own advice about rewards!)

An issue that all parents will face soon enough is after school child care. No matter whether both parents work or only one, what to do about child care will no doubt be the focus of many intense family discussions.

Whether you are a Stay a Home Mum or a nanny looking after one or more kids, these tips may help you to deal with the homework part of after school child care.

A dedicated study place.

Ideally this will be the child's own desk. This adds a sense of "grown up-ness" to the task of doing homework. Children are great imitators and sitting down at their own desk with the articles of stationery they need and their reference material close at hand will give them a sense of being on the way to adulthood.

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Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten, Child Care or School

| child care, Opinion | 01/11/2012

First Day at School

Starting to attend a child care institution is a major milestone for any child. Change, any change, is stressful for children who need the comfort and feeling of safety that is provided by routine and familiar surroundings.  To be separated from loving parents and the companionship of siblings is indeed difficult, and not just for the child, but for the parent too! There are actions you can take which will ease the anxiety and minimise the stress which will make sure the first few days are happy and tear-free.

Let's start with you, the parent or care-giver. Understand that your child can read your emotions much better than you realise, and if you are apprehensive or nervous about how your child will adjust to the school program, your child will pick up on that even before you are conscious of thinking about it. So you should really  start preparing your child very much in advance. Even as much as a year before induction, mention it in positive and upbeat tones. Do not express any doubts, at least not to your child, and at any cost avoid apologising to him about having to be separated for what, after all is only a few hours.

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