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Nanny & Babysitting Guide – for all Childcare Professionals

We are putting together our own guide for nannies, babysitters, child care professionals and parents.

We are adding a few chapters a week, we hope you find it helpful in looking after the babies and children in your charge.

Please feel free to add any comments you may feel are appropriate or helpful. We thrive on feedback!


  1. Parenting Styles Or How Parents Impact Child Development
  2. Choosing Quality Child Care
  3. Problems And Differences Of Opinion
  4. Dealing With Dissatisfied Parents
  5. Keep Children Safe and Happy
  6. Understanding Children’s Basic Needs
  7. I Miss my Mummy and Daddy
  8. Tips For Parents When Saying Goodbye
  9. Ensuring Safety in the Childcare Setting
  10. Safety Inside the House
  11. Safety - General Tips for Child Carers

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