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It’s Jail Time for this “Lady” who Abused her two Domestic Helpers

maid basher

maid basher

Wong Pui Kwan was quick to turn violent every time one of her two maids made what she considered to be a mistake.

She also cut their salaries, their hair and pulled down her shorts and underwear to humiliate them in front of their laughing children.

Wong, who is 27 and a former property agent was jailed for a year after a two-month campaign of violence against her two foreign domestic helpers, one from the Philippines and one from Myanmar, both of whom ran away to seek help as a result of her terrible treatment.

The Filipina, Analyn Almoite Rinonos suffered severe depression and returned home to the Philippines. Wong would lose her temper suddenly and often for no apparent reason. At other times her temper was triggered by really trivial actions such as forgetting to switch a light off. One night Ms Rinonos was preparing to shower Wong's children when Wong caned her. Another night after hearing her daughters cry she woke up Ms Rinonos told her to go to the kitchen toilet and then splashed oil over her and demanded that she sleep on the balcony. Another time she hit her on the head twice with a plastic container with so much force that it broke the container. She force-ably cut the maids hair and threw a child's chair at her.

This despicable woman is now spending one year in jail. Let's hope she learns some anger management techniques while she is there.

Though I doubt it.


2 Responses to “It’s Jail Time for this “Lady” who Abused her two Domestic Helpers”

  1. benedicte 25/06/201510:21 am

    This person has seriously a problem. She needs to be punished until she understands what she has done. No matter what the circumstances are, the person who hits first is guilty. I am not even mentioning that it is a really bad influence on the education of her children. I hope that the two helpers recover from their trauma.

    • lofi.lly 03/08/20179:39 pm

      Don’t give anymore chances to have maids, pls MOM Do blacklist bad employer like this.

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