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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I see any contact details?

Here is a quick summary:

  • You can only see a person's contact details if you have upgraded your account
  • After you have upgraded your account you will be able to see the contact details of ALL the people in the group you are interested in.
  • If a person has upgraded her account and you click on the "Tell them you are interested!" link, your contact details will be sent to her automatically
  • If neither you nor the other person has upgraded their account, clicking the "Tell them you are interested!" link will notify them that you are interested in them, but no contact detail will be sent

If you are a family looking for a nanny or transfer maid, please bear in mind that the person you are asking to contact you is most likely not as well off financially as you, and quite possibly does not have a credit card, or even permission to leave their employer's house to make a funds transfer.

In summary, at least ONE party will need to upgrade their account to make contact possible, the person who upgrades will be able to see the contact details of ALL of the people in the group they are interested in, ie ALL the nannies or ALL the families.

If you are a nanny, babysitter, child care professional or transfer maid:

  • Please do post an advertisement describing yourself, your child care experiences, your availability and your working expectations.
  • All advertisements are free and remain active for 90 days.
  • You can pause, re-activate, edit, or delete your ad at any time from your own dashboard.
  • You can place as many advertisements as you wish, but please do not copy your previous ads word-for-word.
  • Do add an image, or up to three images, and make your description as detailed as possible, so that a prospective employer may get an accurate impression of you.
  • Once your ad has been approved and published, it will be displayed for all the world to see, but don't worry about your privacy, only paid-up families will be able to see your telephone number, or be able to contact you by email. Phone numbers and email addresses will not be recorded or indexed by the search engines.
  • You won't be able to see any of the families' contact details unless you sign up for one month's access and make a payment. This will require you to use a credit card, but you can also transfer funds by ATM, transfer details will be shown to you when you sign-up, or if you have already signed-up, you can go here (you must be logged-in first)
    • Can't, or don't want to use a credit card? WhatsApp Michael +61468342438 (office hours pls), or mail us (below).

If you are a parent looking for a nanny, babysitter, child care professional, or a transfer maid:

  • Please post an advertisement describing the sort of child care you need.
  • All advertisements are free and remain active for 90 days.
  • You can pause, re-activate, edit, or delete your ad at any time.
  • You may add up to three images to your advertisement, and it has been shown that this will increase the clicks on your ad dramatically.
  • Once your ad has been approved and published, it will be visible to everyone, but only nannies who have submitted their credit card for a one month's free subscription will be able to see your phone number or contact you by email.
    • This eliminates other marketing people (and the scammers) from finding out your details. (you wouldn't believe how many people from Nigeria try to post ads here, they sound authentic (sort-of) and even supply Singapore addresses and phone numbers!)
  • If you wish to contact one or more of the nannies, you will need to become a paying member, which will give you access to Each and Every One of the child carer's contact details on the Find a Nanny web site. You can upgrade here (you must be logged-in)
    • Access for one week will cost only $7.00
    • One month will cost $10
    • Two months $15
    • And three months will cost $20

We want to uphold high standards for the Find a Nanny website, so any ads which do not meet our editorial requirements, will either be edited, or not published.

Paying for Contact Details

We understand that paying on-line can raise some doubts. There really is no need to worry, our credit card transactions are handled by PayPal and Stripe. Also bear in mind that credit card companies are incredibly strict with on-line vendors.  Also, we have received well over 5,000 payments on-line, without one complaint.

If you would rather not use a credit card, you can transfer funds by ATM machine, details are on the Upgrade Page here (you need to be logged-in first, otherwise you will be directed to the front page).

Instructional Videos

How to Register as a Nanny

How to Register as a Nanny

Inside the Dashboard

Inside the Dashboard

The Star Rating System

The Star Rating System

      If you would like to make a phone call, please note that we will be based in Australia for at least the next 12 months. You can send a WhatsApp message or call to Michael:  61468342438 (office hours only, please) If you wish to email us, please use the contact form here Privacy Policy