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Children’s Videos

As any parent or childcare professional knows, videos are perfect for keeping kids occupied.

These will work on any smart phone or tablet, and remember, you can play them full-screen.

Flashcards are an ideal way to get infants and toddlers engaged with you, and to make learning fun.

Usually you can go through the same flashcards again and again before your child tires of them. By then, we should have some new ones here for you.

Flashcards: Alphabet

Flashcards: Numbers


Flashcards: Insects

Flash Cards: Birds

Some funny or cute videos which children of most ages will appreciate.

There are a wide range of styles here and they are placed in no particular order. We hope you enjoy them.

Lullabies to send your baby off to sleep.

Some of the images in the videos which go with these lullabies are not that special, but if you have reasonable speakers, one of these lullabies might be all you need to send your baby to dreamland.

lullaby(4 mins)

Lullaby (3 1/2 mins)

Chinese Lullaby (1 hour)

Indian Lullabies (7 mins)

Indonesian Lullaby (3 mins)


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