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Another Maid-Beating Couple Caught

Muhamad Al-Hafiz Nordin

Do you ever look at the rows and rows of apartments and wonder what is going on behind all those closed doors? Sometimes it's not good.

A seriously dysfunctional family has been brought into the limelight with the prosecution of Noraini Hassan and her husband Muhamad Al-Hafiz Nordin. They treated their Indonesian maid abominably by repeatedly punching, kicking, scratching and slapping her. They also virtually starved her, causing the 34 year old's weight to drop by 20 kg in just seven months.

Her typical working hours were from 6 am to 10 pm  everyday and involved doing household chores as well as looking after the couple's two year old daughter.

The reasons for the punching kicking scratching and starvation? Once she forgot to iron Nuraini's dress, another time her hair dropped on the floor as she was sweeping it. She took 4 slices of beard one morning at 5 am and reported it to Noraini (to loose 20 kg she must have been on the verge of starving the whole time she was there). on another occasion Al-Hafiz hit her on the head twice, leaving her giddy and in considerable pain for not cleaning the baby milk bottle steamer - even though his dear wife had instructed her to not clean it.

I hope this despicable couple end up in jail where they can spend some time contemplating how other human beings ought to be treated. With any luck they'll get the chance to mop some floors while under the harsh supervision of a prison guard.

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